Cold insulation

Cold insulation material is used to maintain the low temperatures required in some production and technological processes. This type of insulation must have specific physical and chemical characteristics.

Thanks to its properties our cold insulation provides the most effective solution. Its robustness helps sustain the very low temperatures generated by the cooling medium and maintain a low coefficient of thermal permeability. Work temperature for the cold insulation offered by Global technique ranges from – 268 °C to + 480 °C.

Cellar glass aggregate is a new, insulating material. It is made mainly from glass with some foaming agents. When correctly processed a chemically non-flammable material is produced with great properties: low density, low heat conductivity, high gas resistance, a low absorption rate, resistance to chemical erosion (except for hydrofluoric acid). Cellar glass aggregate is also resistant to mold, pests, and vermin.

Cold insulation is used for:

  • the insulation of containers
  • cryogenic pipelines
  • ground steam and land water pipelines
  • industrial installations
  • heat exchangers