Hatch seals

Sprung hatch seals need to maintain the internal pressure during the start up and powering down of boilers. Any leaks due to a reduction of pressure on seals are automatically prevented by a set of external spring KSD ‘Premium’ hatch seals are guaranteed safe and durable

The seal systems are planned according the the Client’s specific needs and can be installed by a KSD service team upon request.

The seal systems are located in the power shunts. With the reduced width relative to a standard seal, the pressure tolerated is increased because of it smaller surface area . The double-T bar prevents to great a pressure being applied upon the seal.

After the opening of the hatch the supporting double-T bar can be re-used, however the seal needs to be replaced. The seal itself is flexible and adjusts the applied surface. The seal available are round, oval or angular.

General construction

The primary aim of the MICA program is to block out oxygen by means its protective clear graphite layer. By the preliminary switching on of the blocking sphere, neutral conditions arise in the seal globes

The closed blocking is preliminarily switched on on the side which is to be protected. With collar seals the following combinations are possible:

  • Spiral MICA seals are made from stainless steel or inconel alloy subject to where they will be used. The order of the soft material layers depends on the direction of load, its working environment, and is determined with reference to any specified requirements.
  • The MICA program has seal rings which close the cover in order to sustain the high pressure of the gate valves. The structure of these seals is determined by their usage. Special attention should be paid to the seal’s metallic components.

Hatch seals: