We provide comprehensive and innovative
solutions in the field of sealing technology
Professionalism in the provision of services
speed and action in responding to Customers
Effective policy development
dozens of successful implementations

Meet Global Technology

The Global Technik Company is a dynamically developing company which focuses its activities upon the repair and maintenance of industrial installations. We currently provide services for the largest Polish companies thanks to our expertise. We also work in tandem with our foreign partners. Our professionally qualified staff can assist you through every stage of a project.


We are a technical partner providing specialist solutions and innovations in sealings technology. We supply valves,spare parts and compensators as required by our Clients. The assembly and dis-assembly of machines and components for industrial installations constitute the main part of our business activity.

Multisectoral offer

We can build steel constructions, industrial workshops. We can renovate all types of industrial fittings and upgrade industrial mechanical devices. We also provide metal machining services.

Contact us

Global Technik Sobczak,
Piętas Sp. Jawna
ul. Seminaryjna 14
85-326 Bydgoszcz, Poland

tel. +48 52 515 61 30


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