Knotted sealers are the most often used sealers for chokes and industrial armatures. Easy assembly, universal usage and durability are the advantages of this type of sealer. They are used as both static and movable sealers, for machines, furnaces, rotary and piston pumps, rotating devices, valves for containers, cisterns, pivots for armatures, mixers and others. The sealers are excellent for high specification installations.

High quality yarns made from natural fibers (mainly cotton), synthetic (pyramid, polyscrylonitryl), pure PTFE (teflon) and modified (fiber, filled in with graphite, impregnated with silicon oil) and high quality ceramic, coal and graphite fibers are all used in the production of knotted sealers.

Depending on the usage and type of environment Global Technik offers various types of sealers :

  • glass sealers
  • graphite sealers
  • ceramic sealers
  • aramid sealers
  • PTFE sealers
  • composite sealers (with various types of impregnation)
  • BIO sealers