Reinforcing worn materials

Reinforcing worn materials, surface hardening, renovating worn out components

Specialists in the production of durable high quality machine components. The company can also service machinery. We can return full functionality thanks to our use of the latest Glob hardening technology. The components we offer are wear, corrosion, cavity and aggressive chemical environment resistant.

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We can increase the range and extend durability

We can increase the operating range of your equipment and thereby increase its effectiveness and durability. We can increase the durability of: rotors, original and second pulpers, turbines and ventilators, vanes and pump cores , cylinders, pivots, mandrils, rollers, plungers, fusees, mixers and other elements.

Time is money – you can save both with Global Technik

Machines wear out in every industry- Here are three good reasons why you can trust us:

  • by ensuring that equipment and tools can operate for longer periods without failure, there will be no unexpected increase in production costs
  • by extending the working life of equipment by means of maintainence to its maximum operating potential we can effectively increase productivity
  • we keep breakeage repair costs and equipment exchanges to a minimum