Industrial installation repairs

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We guarantee the highest quality and a professional and efficient service. We offer a wide range of services: investment, updating and repairing existing installations: mechanical, electrical, automatic and insulation outlets, as well as installations in the chemical, petrochemical, and energy production sectors . We undertake general contracts , subcontracts or consortium work-projects.

Our staff are highly qualified and experienced experts in this field. Therefore, we eliminate any unpleasant surprises. We only make use of technical infrastructure, equipment and facilities from well-known, and recommended producers.

Wide ranging offers, precise implementation

Assembly of machines and devices on location

We perform all work connected to the assembly of and installation of machines purchased by the Client including the construction of foundations, leveling, alignment (using a modern laser system OPTALIGN), connecting and start up trials.

Assembly of full installations

Except for basic activities for the assembly of devices we also install other elements of industrial installations such as pipelines with armature assembly, supporting and carrying out constructions, additional devices (feeders, carriers etc.) and any other vital components necessary to commence a full installation.

Repairs and upgrading of steam and water boilers (of all types and sizes) including the following:

  • pressure boilers
  • particulate burners and particulate air-cables
  • coal feeders
  • mechanical bunkers
  • air heaters of all types
  • air and fume ventilators
  • air and fume ducts
  • electrofilters and other dust collectors
  • superconstruction of boilers
  • constraction and insulation works
  • technical assessment specifications for any necessary repairs
  • specifying the delivery of parts and materials for any future repairs
  • repairs to all types of water and steam armatures

Assembly of heating electrical, and technological plant installation devices:

  • boilers with additional devices, air ducts, fumaroles etc.
  • steel construction for industrial buildings and devices
  • pumping stations
  • technological and steam pipelines with armatures
  • environment protection devices
  • pressure containers
  • heat exchangers

Production of components for electrical devices and steel constructions:

  • Contemporary perpendicular burners
  • electrical boiler screens
  • flexible elements (arcs, coils)
  • exchangers and coolers
  • pressure containers
  • suspension and pipeline supports
  • steel constructions
  • chambers, collectors, coolers
  • air ducts
  • coal feeders