About Us

Global Technik – master class

Global Technik is a company specializing in the repair and maintenance of industrial installations. Our services include the upgrading and repair of a wide variety of installations in many different fields (e.g. mechanical, electrical, automatic, insulation, chemical, and energy) – for the biggest companies in Poland as well as foreign clients.

Our qualified and experienced staff provide carefull control any given project and back it up with the correct documentation, thereby maintaining a high implementation standard. It is worth noting that we only use the technical infrastructure, equipment and facilities from leading production companies.

As a technical partner in sealings and wear technology . We can propose individual and innovative solutions to our Clients. We supply carefully selected valves, spare parts and compensators. We can deal with the assembly and disassembly of machines, mechanical sets and devices for industrial installations. We can perform steel constructions and industrial workshops. We can renovate all types of industrial fittings and provide specialist metal machining services.

Since 2010 are the sole representatives of the KSD GmbH Koethen company in Poland Global Tachnik is your guarantee of quality and professionalism.