Fabric compensators

This subgroup is for connecting pipelines and chambers for fumes in industrial installations (as well as devices and elements) to provide the correct compensation in both mechanical and thermal rooms whilst maintaining the seal.

Advantages of using compensators supplied by Global Technik:

  • maximum flexibility – axial, horizontal and angular deformation transfer and balance even for short connections
  • reduction of vibration to a minimum in connected canals,
  • very limited self-resistance,
  • ability to function at varying temperatures,
  • the possibility of connecting different materials and components allows for optimum productivity and permits adjustment to specific working environments.

Fabric compensators are used in many areas of industry:

  • electrical power and heating stations
  • brick factories
  • cement factories
  • chemical plants
  • shipyards
  • steelmills
  • coke plants
  • refineries
  • desulphurization installations
  • steam and fluid boiler installations
  • ventilation and air-conditioning installations
  • sanitary installations
  • installations for burning rubbish and waste
  • industrial ovens and chimneys
  • mills
  • quicklime plants
  • the paper manufacturing industry
  • automotive industry
  • glass and ceramics industry
  • flour mills