Spool type compensators (metal, steel)

Spool type compensators (metal or steel) are the most effective elements in the process of balancing reducing, extending side walls, angular movements and vibrations in the pipe system. Global Technik have a wide  assortment of ready-made compensators. Upon request we can also produce them to the specific dimensions required by the client..
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Various construction requirements generate the basic divisions of condensations:

  • angular spool type compensator – allows for compensatory movement along one plain
  • axial spool type compensator – used mainly in applications with very limited ability to compensate crosswise
  • crosswise spool type compensator (lateral) – used for compensation of crosswise movements in various directions, where there is a need to
  • compensate in a perpendicular direction in relation to the axis of the pipeline
  • articulated spool type compensator – allows for compensation in all possible directions
  • universal spool type compensator – used when wider ranges of crosswise compensation are required.

Metal compensator with PTFE insert can work in a temperature range of 200 °C to +600 °C and a special compensator at higher temperatures depending on usage and manner of construction. The Spool type compensator usually works within the 1-63  bar pressure range The choice of materials for the production of compensators is determined mainly by their physical and chemical features. Finishing with a collar or a stub pipe is the most frequently used armature. Durability of the compensator made from stainless steel can be more than 10 years although this depends primarily on the type of the material used, the production and welding technology for spool type compensators as well as the specific assembly, place of installation and correct usage.  Because of this, Global Technik  provides specialist advice  to every Client.

The highest quality materials are used in the production of spool type compensators:

  • follicle made from heatproof and heat resistant stainless steel, nickel alloys and aluminum, in the types selected according to the medium, temperature and other crucial factors (also coated with PTFE)
  • connectors made from stainless and carbon steel
  • external and internal covers adjusted to individual Client’s needs

Spool type compensators are widely used for compensation of regulation and pressure regulation in numerous branches of industry e.g.:

  • energy production
  • heating
  • metalworks
  • petrochemical and refineries
  • shipyards
  • papermills
  • cementworks